We produce verbatim transcripts from court proceedings.


Whatever the length of the trial, however quickly you require the transcript, we will always strive to help you.  Our group of dedicated court reporters have decades of experience among them and are committed to producing your transcripts as expeditiously as possible.

The days of court reporters taking down verbatim proceedings by shorthand have long gone, and the steno machine is also now on the way out. More and more courts in Canada and elsewhere are now turning to digital technology to record courtroom proceedings.

After the recording, it is up to us to then transcribe an accurate transcript of those proceedings. We can produce transcripts from family court, through civil, criminal, and everything in between.

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I have been a Court Reporter in the Ontario Provincial Courts and Examinations for Discovery for many years.  I have been involved in the production of transcripts for Court of Appeal, including an eight-week high profile murder trial.  Production of same-day “real-time” transcripts can be achieved if required in trial, as well as numerous short turnaround transcripts as often as required.

I have wide experience in research associated with production of material utilising a variety of sources such as the internet, CanLII, libraries, databases and lists, along with a solid understanding of the need to work to tight deadlines, often involving weekend and evening work.


ACT No. 2715117249



I have been self-employed as an Authorized Court Transcriptionist since 2014. With a reputation for precision and completeness in all aspects of transcription, I understand the need to ensure an accurate and timely transcript.

Previously a court reporter with 14-plus years at the Ottawa courthouse, my position involved transcription and trans-editing of legal transcripts for criminal proceedings following courthouse guidelines. The courthouse experience provided extensive knowledge of court proceedings, including legal and medical terminology, the Criminal Code, relevant legislation for court proceedings, knowledge of Ministry manuals, policies, procedures, guidelines and standards.

Prior work history includes a position as trans-editor for parliamentary committee meetings, Committee Reporting Service, House of Commons.



Before becoming a court reporter, I was an editor for Hansard, at the House of Commons, for 15 years. I have produced authorized court transcripts since 2000 for the Ontario Court of Justice and Ontario Superior Court of Justice, which include criminal trials, murder trials, jury trials, family proceedings, youth court proceedings, civil proceedings, and proceedings for the Ontario Court of Appeal. The transcripts I prepare are accurate, well-researched, and produced in a timely manner. My client list includes Crown attorneys, defence counsel, and Justices of the Ontario Courts.


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I have spent the last 10 years performing several different roles within the legal field and justice system, which includes extensive courtroom experience working as a court reporter and court registrar in both the Ontario Court of Justice and Superior Court of Justice. I have been authorized to produce court transcripts for the past 5 years, and I have transcribed proceedings in multiple contexts, from criminal, jury, civil, family, youth, small claims, bail court, dangerous offender hearings and examinations for discovery. I am highly cognizant of the importance of adhering to deadlines, and safeguarding the integrity of the court record through a reliable and accurate transcript.

Carolyn Hill

ACT No. 2531461805


I have been a court reporter and transcriptionist since May 2006. I fully understand the importance of taking detailed notes in court to produce accurate and well-prepared transcripts with correct spelling, proper grammar, and case law citations. I have transcribed the records from criminal and family courts, small claims, and civil jury and non-jury actions, from both the Ontario Court of Justice and the Superior Court of Justice. Throughout my work history, I have focused on some aspect of customer service, and I offer excellence, accuracy, and timely work, with a smile!